Shaun Kirkpatrick


Mr. Kirkpatrick is president and CEO of Research Corporation Technologies, a Tucson-based technology investment and management company that provides early-stage funding and development for promising biomedical companies and technologies. Since joining RCT as a venture development associate in 1993, Mr. Kirkpatrick has managed venture investments and technology development programs in the fields of cancer, inflammation, metabolic disease, and neurological disorders, and technology platforms related to biotherapeutics and antibodies. He serves on the boards of several companies in RCT’s portfolio, as well as the Critical Path Institute in Tucson. Mr. Kirkpatrick also serves on the board of directors for the Flinn Foundation.

As a Flinn Scholar, Mr. Kirkpatrick earned his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Arizona with a dual major in Economics and Ecology/Evolutionary Biology. He received his Master of Arts degree in International Relations from The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.