Unit 1: Economic Foundations

Unit 1 Economic Foundations Lesson Plans


New to our curriculum? Watch a brief overview or take a deeper dive with this 12-minute introduction video.

Lessons are best used in sequence as they have been built to support students in demonstrating mastery on the end-of-unit assessment. If you plan to use one of the lessons in isolation, we recommend you review the Unit Overview document to ensure students have the necessary prior knowledge. 




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   1.1 Pre-Assessment*

   1.2 Packing for a River Trip: An Introduction to Economics

   1.3 Thinking Like an Economist: Part 1

   1.4 Thinking Like an Economist: Part 2

   1.5 Exploring Diminishing Marginal Utility

   1.6 Complexities of Decision Making

   1.7 Review to Date

   1.8 Introduction to the Production Possibilities Frontier

   1.9 Adding Complexity to the PPF: Part 1

   1.10 Adding Complexity to the PPF: Part 2

   1.11 Review and Assessment Preview

   1.12 Principles of Economic Thinking in the News*  

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