What is it? 

A membership is a free educator account. It's our way verifying that you are you a current classroom teacher serving students in grades 6-13+. Members can quickly register for events, see past events they've attended, and qualify for the perks below.

Who qualifies?

  • Classroom teachers currently serving students in grades 6-13+
  • Student teachers with a classroom placement in grades 6-12

Who doesn't qualify? (But are still welcome at Econiful events!)

  • Administrators, curriculum directors, and instructional coaches
  • Pre-service teachers
  • Homeschool teachers
  • Classroom teachers (Grades K-5)

What are the perks?


On-Demand PD

Members have access to our on-demand PD modules so they can learn on their own schedule.

Gift box


Members are eligible for all prizes and giveaways associated with our PD offerings.


Assessment Keys

Members will have access to assessment keys when we release curriculum materials in 2023.



Verified Classroom Teacher

This membership is for individuals only

Please complete this membership application if you are a current classroom teacher serving students in Grades 6-13+