Econiful in Your Classroom

August 1 - September 18
For Southern Arizona Educators

Are you interested in trying a new lesson, but daunted by the material prep? Does the prospect of running a simulation make you a bit anxious? Let us do the work and demonstrate the lesson! A certified teacher (Megan or Kathleen) will come to your school with all the materials necessary to deliver one of the lessons detailed below.

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This program is open to high school teachers whose school is located within 80 miles of Tucson, Arizona. If you have questions about this program, contact Megan Kirts at


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Unit 1: Economic Foundations

Raft on river

1.2 Packing for a River Trip: An Introduction to Economics
Students plan for a two-week river trip to learn how the principles of economic thinking are central to all decision making. Following the primary activity, students will be guided through a debrief to introduce them to economic vocabulary and the principles of economic thinking. 


Panda and tiger bookmarks

1.8 Introduction to the Production Possibilities Frontier
Students will use data from a production simulation to create a production possibilities frontier (PPF) before analyzing how principles of economic thinking are evident in a PPF model.


Unit 2: Microeconomics

coffee beans

2.1 Coffee Market
Acting as either a buyer or a seller in a coffee commodity market simulation, students learn how prices are determined in a perfectly competitive market. Following the simulation, students are guided through a debrief to solidify their understanding. 



2.3 Introduction to Firms
Working in small groups to run a hat firm, students compete to “earn” the highest profits. Firms will weigh the costs and benefits of their decisions and calculate total costs, total revenue, and profit. This lesson is intended to be used after students have been introduced to product markets and the law of demand, but before they have learned about the law of supply.



2.10 Introduction to Market Failure
In this lesson, students will be introduced to the concept of market failure through participation in a simulation illustrating the tragedy of the commons. Students will also begin learning about the government’s role in reducing market failure.