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September 14, 2023

Lesson 3.1: Hands-on Circular Flow

Students use a circular flow simulation board—and household items like pasta and pennies—to get a tactile understanding of economic interdependence. 

Lesson 3.2: Setting the Stage (members only)

Here, students are introduced to four essential macroeconomic indicators, providing a framework for the unit and the unit assessment. Remember to log in as a member to view assessments.

About the Unit Assessment

In line with our approach in Units 1 and 2, the Unit 3 (Macroeconomics) assessment has been crafted in advance. Unlike traditional high-stakes tests, this assessment is meant to be done in segments throughout the unit. The grand finale? Students craft their own economic dashboards and reflect on what they've learned.

Why Lesson 3.2 is Extra-Long

You'll notice Lesson 3.2 is quite extensive—that's intentional. It includes work-day-specific instructions and slides to help educators who want to dive in now, even before all unit lessons are up. These pages will be relocated to their relevant lessons as they go live.

Need Help?

Not sure how to implement this segmented assessment? Email Kathleen Cusack at to schedule a quick 15-minute Zoom chat to answer any questions.

Stay tuned—more lessons are on the way! As always, we would love to hear your feedback after you implement all or part of any lesson using our Feedback Form.