Getting to Know Our Book Club

Once a semester we host a book club for economics educators and other econ enthusiasts. Read on to learn about the components of an Econiful Book Club.


The Book

We choose recently published economics-themed books that we believe will be of value to classroom teachers. 

In the past we've provided Econiful members with the book at the beginning of a book club. Moving forward both members and nonmembers will acquire the book on their own, in whatever format they prefer. After Book Club is over, members who completed all of the Nearpod modules will be sent an Amazon gift card of a value equivalent to the cost of the book (or slightly more). Those who don't finish will still be welcome to participate in future book clubs.


The Self-Paced Modules

Over the course of the book club (~6 weeks), participants are emailed three Nearpod modules which they complete at their own pace. We do include suggested deadlines to help participants stay on track.

For example, this is the Fall 2023 Book Club schedule:





Module 1

Chapters 1-3August 10August 23

Module 2

Chapters 4-7August 24September 6

Module 3

Chapters 8-10September 7September 24


Modules only take about 30 minutes to complete and they're full of helpful links to other resources and ideas for incorporating economic concepts from the book into your work with students.


The Meetings

There are two Zoom meetings. These are optional, but we find them to be a valuable part of the book club experience.

We start with a brief kick-off meeting on the first day. This is a good chance to get questions answered and meet other participants. If you can't attend, no sweat. We'll email you the information afterward.

Toward the end of Book Club everyone who has completed Modules 1 and 2 will be invited to a one-hour book discussion. There you'll get the opportunity to reflect on the book with some open-ended prompts and discuss with other educators how information from the book could be used in the classroom. Occasionally the author has been known to join us!


The Certificate

After book club is finished we send everyone who completed all three modules a certificate of professional development for 8 hours. 


Fall 2023 Book Club starts on August 10!

Learn more and register here.

How Economics Can Save the World Book Cover

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