Staff Spotlight: Kathleen Cusack

Kathleen and her three dogs

Meet Kathleen, our Curriculum Specialist!

Currently reading? Free to Choose by Milton Friedman

Currently watching? What We Do in the Shadows

Currently cooking? Bok choy stir fry

Favorite dessert? Chocolate mousse 

Unusual talent? I'm pretty good at hanging spoons off my face.

Pets? We have a pack of 3 dogs. Pacha is a 15 lbs Chihuahua who is very fickle and only likes a few people (usually I am not on the list). Nimbus is a cattle dog mix who loves to chase light reflections. Riffle is a Rottweiler mix who is very sweet (and a little bit afraid of new things) and is recovering from knee surgery.

If you got a year off with full pay, how would you spend it? I would go on river trips and camp around the country chasing fall weather.